Planning for the Future

This consultancy service is provided by ASCL Professional Development and ASCL Member Support and is designed primarily for ASCL members who wish to receive advice and support for the next stage of their career following a significant and sudden job change.

ASCL regional and field officers may, if circumstances allow, be able to arrange funding to provide this advice and support. Alternatively, members may wish to access the service themselves using their own funds.

The support will be given by consultants who are or have been senior leaders in schools and have many years of experience.

Support, in the most part, will be given remotely but there may be occasions where a face-to-face meeting is more appropriate. The exact nature of the level and type of support will be determined on an individual basis between the member and consultant.

Please contact ASCL PD on 0116 299 1122 for further information or complete the enquiry form.