Strategic Finance Training DVD

This series of eight informational DVDs, accompanying presentations, spreadsheets and detailed set of notes can support in-house training of senior staff and governors in aspects of strategic finance. Each DVD consists of an overview from an ASCL specialist and finishes with a set of questions to encourage further discussion among groups.

The notes provided explain the background to the ideas in the DVDs and the spreadsheets are examples designed to be modified and adapted by an individual institution to suit their needs.

A key theme in the DVDs is that of team work and the links between the planning and delivery of a curriculum, as well as the underlying financial situation in the school and college. The DVDs cover the following:

  • The financial view all school leaders need to have.

  • Using a common language.

  • Working as a team.

  • Establishing basic financial targets to inform management decisions.

  • Simplification and communication.

  • Comparing yourself with others.

  • Planning ahead.

  • Making the link between the curriculum and the funding.

The idea of a balanced budget is reinterpreted in terms of six parameters which uniquely link key aspects of school finance: staff cost, non-staff cost and funding to the defining aspects of the curriculum through average class size and teacher contact ratio. The detail underlying these ideas is explained in the notes, illustrated in the DVDs and supported by spreadsheets.

From time to time, as support materials are updated or added, new versions will be available to download online.


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