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A new school improvement service from ASCL and CUREE

ASCL has joined forces with the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE) to introduce Skein Momentum, a new service designed to help accelerate school improvement progress.

Skein Momentum provides an expert, evidence based diagnostic and development planning service which gets underneath barriers to progress.

It gives schools a personalised, practical action plan that they can use to eliminate obstacles, build capacity and accelerate school improvement progression.

Based on CUREE’s research which explores how schools can gain or regain momentum when progress has stalled, the Skein Momentum service identifies key building blocks to help school leaders ensure that all the core activities in their schools are working together and heading in the right direction.

How does it work?

A dedicated, expert research team will analyse existing data and school documents plus evidence from the school community via surveys, interviews and discussions, focus groups and observations.

Using benchmarks and criteria derived from CUREE’s Gaining and Sustaining Momentum research, schools will receive a personalised, confidential evaluation report plus a practical set of recommendations unique to their school.

School leaders are then supported through one or a number of action research processes for implementing their plan, followed by a concise implementation and progress review.

Why is it different?

Skein Momentum uses high quality research tools and internationally recognised evidence about the accelerators for school improvement and the barriers to progression.

The diagnostic and development process will be delivered through a partnership between consultants from ASCL and the research team at CUREE.

They have realistic, credible experience of the issues facing leadership teams and provide constructive support including helping school leaders to triage emerging issues.

CUREE’s quality assurance processes which underpin Skein Momentum provide a rigorous diagnostic and action plan which focusses on what will make the most difference for each school.

The entire process is driven by generating outcomes that school leaders can actually implement to create a pathway towards providing exceptional learning experiences and results.

Does it work?

Take a look at what Halifax Academy said about Skein Momentum

The report and support for action research was the best school improvement support we’ve ever had – so much more practical and strategic than ‘mocksted’ and one-off consultancy. Our school is now so much further forward it is barely recognisable

Case studies of three schools participating in the CUREE Gaining and Sustaining Momentum research

What does the service include?

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If you would like to find out more about Skein Momentum please contact ASCL Professional Development on 0116 2991122 or at

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