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Do you want to improve the quality of lesson observation in your school? Help your teachers to improve their practice through observing lessons in similar schools?

We know that Ofsted is now much more focused on how accurately schools can assess the quality of teaching. ASCL Professional Development’s new lesson observation DVDs have been developed specifically to help primary schools to train observers and to moderate judgements about achievement, teaching and behaviour. They have been created to reflect the requirements of the 2013/14 Ofsted framework but are also very helpful for professional development related to teaching, learning and inspection. The observations are of a range of primary teachers, from NQT to co-ordinators and deputy headteachers working in their normal way with their usual classes.

The DVDs have been made by Rob Hubbleday, ex-HMI and trainer of Additional Inspectors.


The DVDs follow the highly successful format of DVDs 1-5 made in secondary schools. There are two primary DVDs incorporating seven lessons. The teaching was judged to be outstanding in four of these lessons and good in the other three.

DVD 6: EYFS/KS1 (3 lessons)

  • Nursery and Reception (phonics/literacy)

  • Year 1 (maths)

  • Year 1/2 (maths)

DVD 7: KS2 (4 lessons)

  • Year 3 (English)

  • Year 4 (maths)

  • Year 4 (English)

  • Year 6 (English)

Each DVD contains

  • Observed lessons

  • Examples of inspectors gathering first hand evidence through observations of teaching, discussions with pupils and scrutinies of pupils' work

  • Lesson plans and any other supporting documentation made available to the observer, such as a seating plan

  • A feedback discussion between the observer and each teacher, with judgements about the effectiveness of the teaching

  • An evaluation of each lesson by an independent observer, along with an evidence form to explain the judgements

  • A compilation of the characteristics of outstanding teaching drawn from the observed lessons, with a written guide to each extract

  • An introduction to the way inspectors work with a guide to observing lessons accompanied by two aide-memoires to support observers

  • Detailed suggestions for programmes of professional development based on the DVDs


Click on one of the following links to see an introduction and trailers of each lesson.

Clip one: Rob Hubbleday - an introduction
Clip two: Jill Stowell - Nursery and Reception
Clip three: Kate Arnison - Year 1
Clip four: Becky Lewis - Year 1 and 2
Clip five: Fay McKirgan - Year 3
Clip six: Jane Cocker - Year 4
Clip seven: Jo Harries - Year 4
Clip eight: Penny Jones - Year 6

Other Information

  • Rob Hubbleday is assisted by two former HMI colleagues, all of whom have extensive and successful experience of observing lessons.

  • The lessons have been filmed in four schools in different parts of the country, reflecting a wide range of socio-economic contexts. The classes contain pupils of all abilities.


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  • DVD 6 and 7 are now ONLY £175 + VAT (for both)

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