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Created to reflect the requirements of the 2012/13 Ofsted framework. Made by Tony Thornley, ex-HMI and ASCL consultant; author of ASCL’s SEF and self-assessment guidance.

The lesson observation DVDs are intended to be used by schools to train observers and to moderate judgements of lesson quality. They are also very helpful for professional development related to teaching, learning and inspection. The observations are of a range of teachers working with ordinary students.

DVD one (no longer in stock)

DVD two (no longer in stock)

DVD three
Year 10 Science, Jacqui Managh
Year 9 Geography, John Cannon
Year 10 English, Eva Blandford

DVD four and five
Year 7 Drama, mixed ability
Year 8 English, mixed ability
Year 10 Science, set 2
Year 10 Maths, set 1
Year 10 Maths, set 2
Year 12 Accountancy
Year 13 History

Each DVD also contains the following additional video resources:

  • An introduction

  • A feedback discussion with each teacher

  • An interview with a video evaluator for each lesson

And the following printable files:

  • An introduction to the resources by Tony Thornley

  • Lesson plans/student data for each lesson

  • A video evaluator’s completed evidence form for each lesson

  • A blank evidence form

  • A set of criteria for judging lessons

  • Guidance on lesson observation by Dr Sid Freeman

Click on one of the following links to see trailers of the Lesson Observations films:

Clip one Tony Thornley

Clip two Natalie Dallen - Year 8 Science

Clip three Emma West - Year 11 Geography

Other information

  • In the DVDs, Tony Thornley is assisted by three former HMI and Ofsted inspector colleagues, all of whom have extensive and successful experience of lesson observation.

  • The lessons have been filmed in three schools in different parts of the country, representing a wide range of contexts. Classes include students of all abilities.

  • Lessons judged satisfactory, good or outstanding.


Lesson Observation (Secondary) DVDs

  • DVD 1 is unfortunately no longer available.

  • DVD 2 is also no longer available

  • DVD 3 is now ONLY £35 + VAT

  • DVD 4 and 5 are now ONLY £75 + VAT (for both)

  • Order all 3 discs for £95 + VAT

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