ASCL self-evaluation tool

Building on previous self-evaluation tools created by consultant Tony Thornley, ASCL’s Inspection & Accountability Specialist, Stephen Rollett has worked with Tony to develop new self-evaluation framework tools (SEF 2017) to support school leaders. SEF 2017 consists of the following:

  • Diagnostic Tool (Excel): a detailed analysis of school data, including historic and current cohorts.

  • Extended Evaluation Framework: a step-by-step approach to self-evaluation, similar to previous versions of Tony’s toolkit.

  • Concise Evaluation Framework: a more succinct approach to self-evaluation.

  • Summary Evaluation Framework: an overview of the school’s strategic direction, including areas of strength and key priorities for improvement. 

We are grateful to Tony Thornley for his continuing work with us on these tools. Each tool has been tested by school leaders in order to ensure quality, however, any additional feedback is most welcome (please email Stephen Rollett with your views). 

This suite of tools is designed to be flexible and schools should use the tools which best suit their needs and context (some schools may benefit from using a highly structured approach, whereas others may wish to take a sharper view and focus on the things that matter to them). It is essential that schools also refer to Ofsted’s ‘mythbuster’ guidance and understand that inspectors have no expectations about the format and structure of self-evaluation. Schools should do whatever works for them, and it is our hope that this new framework will help them to do so.  

The diagnostic tool is secondary-focussed, although some elements are relevant to primary schools. The remaining parts of the framework are not phase-specific and can be used by all schools. 

How to order SEF 2017

If you would like to order a copy of the new SEF 2017, please email and include your name, school/college and address for invoice purposes. Receipts from the sale of these booklets will go to the ASCL Education Charity

The suggested donation for the latest guidance is £50, payable to ASCL Educational Development Trust. If you have already received previous versions and donated to the charity, it is not necessary to donate again. However, if you find the materials useful, further donations are warmly received.

Please send your donation to:

‘ASCL Education Charity’
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