Performance Management: Navigating the Process and Beyond

"This was entirely relevant, and importantly, had a full understanding of issues faced by school leaders."
Past delegate, 2018

How robust is your school's current performance management process? Does it effectively address underperforming staff? Are middle leaders and line managers adequately trained for the challenging conversations that are so often required? Are staff clear about the transition to the capability procedure, where this is necessary and their responsibilities under the Sickness Absence Policy?

These are just some of the many questions arising from performance related pay, putting renewed pressure on heads and line managers who need the skills to conduct performance management with rigour and fairness. Review meetings should be motivational whilst also holding difficult colleagues to account, and policies must be clear, transparent and supportive.

The course covers best practice in relevant policies and procedures, developing skills and confidence in target setting, conflict management, and securing improvement. It will explore the transition from coaching to assertive line management, and from informal to formal procedures.

Participants will:
  • •    have a full understanding of the PM process through to the appeal stage
  • •    understand when to use coaching, mentoring or management techniques
  • •    learn how to set meaningful objectives that have stretch and rigour
  • •    have tips for addressing negative attitudes, behaviours and underperformance
  • •    have clarity on the interface between informal and formal procedures and how to embark effectively on a formal process
  • •    understand how to meet their statutory obligations under The Equality Act 2010 in regard to pay progression

This practical, one day course is suitable for headteachers, deputy headteachers, assistant headteachers, business leaders and aspiring leaders.
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Louise Hatswell

Pay and Conditions Specialist

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