Making it count: Understanding and using curriculum metrics (Primary)

A new one-day course for primary school leaders

The requirement for schools to evidence effective management of their resources in a robust manner has resulted in an increase in the use of some curriculum-related statistics as part of external assessments. Examples include contact ratio, average class size, pupil to teacher ratio and ideas relating to curriculum bonus. 

Data dashboards, completed as part of the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) for maintained schools and the Schools Resource Management Self-Assessment Tool (SRMSAT) for academies, are the starting points for both internal and external assessment of financial and curriculum metrics.

Both in schools and for those assessing schools, there is a developing understanding of these statistics, however, the risks of misunderstanding them and their accidental misuse cannot be ignored. In this highly interactive and practical course, school leaders will gain a clear grasp of what financial and curriculum metrics mean in their own school, and how they impact on their school’s budget.
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Julia Harnden

Funding Specialist

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Sam Ellis

ASCL Funding Consultant

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  • Teaching staff deployment analysis, both in a theoretical school and in a school where every delegate can model their own school. The models will be used to derive and illustrate all relevant statistics and underline their potential use and possible misinterpretations.
  • Basic introductory work using simple worksheets and a four-function calculator in parallel with a spreadsheet. Delegates will be free to choose whether to engage directly with the arithmetic or to use the spreadsheet supplied instead. Spreadsheets will have sample data supplied but also with the option for a school to input their own data. 

A list of all required data will be sent out in advance of the course. Detailed follow up notes including a glossary of all terms with a worked example will be provided. 

£250 + VAT

This course is aimed at all school leaders in the primary sector, particularly those who are new to the role or have limited experience of timetable construction and analysis.