Leading On - Whole school literacy

This session provides a useful introduction to the responsibility of leading on a whole school literacy strategy.

Using statistical data on a national level, the session will explore what an effective whole school literacy provision looks like, the impact  it can have across the whole curriculum, and on helping primary pupils  make a successful transition to secondary education.

The webinar will discuss ways to get started on developing a plan for whole school literacy, including how to undertake an audit to prioritise actions.

Strategies, best practice, and tips on how to lead effectively on literacy across all areas of the school will  be discussed.

The session will  also cover how to measure impact and explore how to use data more effectively.

The impact of Covid-19 on this area of school leadership will be taken into consideration.
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Tiffnie Harris

Primary Specialist

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Participants will:

  • develop knowledge of the national picture on literacy and the importance of developing an effective school policy
  • gain confidence in getting started on developing a strategy and leading effectively on literacy
  • understand how to measure impact and plan effectively
There will also be the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other participants.

This session is mainly designed for leaders in the primary phase who have recently taken on responsibility for leading on whole school literacy. It may also be useful for colleagues in secondary who have recently taken on responsibility for literacy.

To attend this webinar live, you will need to ensure  you have access to a computer or device that meets the system requirements available here.

If you cannot attend live you will receive a copy of the recording, links to any resources discussed, and the opportunity to submit questions.