Leading On - Safe and Safe to Be Around: Constructive dialogues with boys and young men

This session addresses how deep-rooted social and cultural values and beliefs around how men ‘should' be can exert powerfully persuasive influence on boys and young men in our present moment, and how educators can support them navigating towards safe, healthy futures.

It maps some of the complex terrain in which boys and young men exist, identifying risks to their own emotional, psychological, relational, and physical safety and wellbeing as well as to other young men and women and girls.

Critical thinking, empathy, resilience and self-reflection are keys to good futures. We want these for our boys and young men but know that the path towards this is not always clear.

This session draws on many years of experience working with groups of boys and young men in diverse settings, from PRUs to primary schools to prison. It describes challenges, pitfalls and sensitivities and illustrates what authentic, strengths-based and non-accusatory approaches to dialogue can look like.

Participants will:

  • explore a conceptual framework for approaching constructive dialogues which avoids typical pitfalls and maximises chances of engagement
  • gain an understanding of connections between seemingly disparate areas of need for intentional, constructive dialogues with boys and young men 
  •  gain an understanding of the linkage between these intentional, constructive dialogues and wider safeguarding for all

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Independent
  • Assistant Heads
  • Deputy Heads
  • Headteachers
  • CEO/Trust Leader

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Michael Conroy

Founder / Director of Men at Work

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