Getting it right: Curriculum led financial planning

A viable and sustainable curriculum must be at the heart of every school’s resource management model. In a landscape of increasing financial pressure and significant curriculum and funding reform, all senior staff, governors and trustees need to understand how to approach curriculum-led financial planning.

Accessible and practical, this one-day course will focus on the underlying principles of curriculum-led planning, and considers how effective staff deployment can future-proof the curriculum against rising costs. Spreadsheet tools for curriculum planning, resources management, staffing structures and deployment will be provided, and can be adapted to meet the needs of your individual organisations.

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Julia Harnden

Funding Specialist

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Linking Revenue to the Timetable outlines the link between revenue and the school timetable, and provides support with the development of your strategic plan. It is an online programme and can be purchased at an additional cost of £99 +VAT.

Delegates will:

  • receive an overview of funding reforms, including transition to a national funding formula, curriculum and accountability issues, and an understanding of the key considerations and drivers when designing an effective curriculum
  • understand how to plan the resourcing of a curriculum in terms of staffing, learning resources, and supporting structures
  • understand how to use software in curriculum analysis and development, and resource-planning as a senior team
  • learn how to use a common language in curriculum development and budgeting which supports streamlined, cost-effective timetabling
  • understand the critical relationship between the key metrics of curriculum planning and financial resource
  • be able to use the ASCL-developed, specific software which links curriculum planning, staffing and finance
  • gain techniques to support cost-effective curriculum development

Suitable for business leaders, curriculum leaders and all members of the leadership team with budget or curriculum responsibility in a secondary school.

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