Leadership and Governance

includes performance measures

Schools in special measures - February 2017

ASCL is concerned that schools could become 'stuck in special measures' if they are subject to an academy order which is unfilled for some time, eg for financial reasons.

We urge Ofsted to maintain timely, supported monitoring of all schools in special measures.

Academisation - April 2016

ASCL disagrees with the policy of compulsory academisation as outlined in the white paper. We ask for a streamlining and reduction of bureaucratic burdens on academy trusts related to both conversion and financial reporting, and propose that the cost of academisation should be borne by the Treasury and not taken from the education budget.

Mandatory reporting of child abuse – April 2015

We have previously not supported mandatory reporting. However in the light of cross party views and the NSPCC shift we are currently reviewing our position.

Mandatory reporting – June 2014

ASCL maintains its current position

  1. School and colleges take very seriously their role in deterring, preventing and detecting the abuse of children and young people.

  2. Any new legislation should be evidence-based.

  3. ASCL has yet to see evidence that mandatory reporting backed up by criminal sanctions will protect children and young people.

  4. ASCL is also concerned about unintended consequences, for instance, if discretion is removed, the resulting weight of unmoderated reporting will make it more difficult for those with the responsibility for investigating allegations to identify genuine cases of abuse.

  5. If it is decided to introduce mandatory reporting ASCL takes the view that it should be strictly limited.

Timings of the school day – June 2014

Schools and colleges already have the freedom, subject to consultation, to determine the length of their school day. ASCL maintains that schools should be left to decide how best to structure their day in accordance with local circumstances and in light of the educational needs of young people.