Ofqual's consultation on reform of the Exam Procedures Review Service

08 March 2019

ASCL members agree with the proposal to hold meetings instead of formal hearings in all cases that are not filtered out at the triage and review stages and which cannot be decided on the papers. It is important that our members have the opportunity to articulate a grievance face-to-face with Ofqual, and in a timely manner. Unnecessary delay can contribute to stress and anxiety, and we support the proposal to speed up the process, recognising that this is also a resource-efficient solution. 

Whilst we understand the resource implications of employing external panellists for the EPRS, we do not agree with the proposal to remove these panellists and so make the EPRS an internal Ofqual process. ASCL members believe that the inclusion of independent representation on the panel ensures accountability, fairness and appropriate and relevant challenge.