ASCL Ethical Leadership Commission

The nation trusts us to form young people into the best that they can be. The public expects us to know what kind of example we should set them, but do we? How do we know what’s right or wrong?
Carolyn Roberts, Commission Chair, April 2017

ASCL's year-long project on ethical leadership in education was launched at our Annual Conference in March, 2017.

Since then, commission members have met to discuss and agree the parameters of the project. The Report of the Ethical Leadership Commission to ASCL Annual Conference 2018,  including the Commission's draft Ethical Framework for Educational Leadership,was published in March 2018 and launched at Annual Conference. It is further proposed to publish an ethical framework for school leadership in December 2018.

Further reading
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Doing the right thing - blog on ethical leadership by ASCL Past President Peter Kent (January 2018).

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Commission Panel
Martyn Beer, deputy head of Bootham School, York
Sian Carr, ASCL president 2016-17
Leora Cruddas, chief executive of Freedom and Autonomy for Schools National Association (FASNA)
Professor Becky Francis, director of UCL Institute of Education
Nigel Genders, director of the National Society of the Church of England
Peter Kent, International Confederation of Principals
Emma Knights, chief executive of the National Governance Association
Anne Lyons, president of the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT)
Julie MCCulloch, ASCL interim deputy director of policy
Jane Martin, Committee for Standards in Public Life
Stephen Munday, vice-chair of the Foundation for Leadership in Education
Dame Alison Peacock, chief executive of the Chartered College of Teaching
William Richardson, general secretary of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference
Carolyn Roberts (chair), ASCL honorary secretary and headteacher, Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich
Amanda Spielman, HMCI
James Toop, chief executive of Ambition School Leadership