Yet again policy being made without consultation with schools

06 December 2013

Following the job advertisements posted today for regional commissioners to oversee academy funding and governance, ASCL has expressed disappointment and concern that yet again changes are being made that have a direct effect on schools with no consultation. ASCL Deputy General Secretary Malcolm Trobe said:

“ASCL fully recognises the need for some form of regional organisation for academies. Clearly it is not possible for the DfE to centrally oversee a large number of individual schools and academy chains.

“However, we are disappointed that there was no consultation, particularly with schools, on the introduction of school commissioners and the development of this regional structure. Instead of thoroughly considering a range of issues that could be addressed through a regional structure, there has yet again been a rushed solution to an immediate problem. By consulting with schools, the government could have come to a more comprehensive and effective structure.

“The commissioner job descriptions pose as many questions as they provide answers. It is unclear how the commissioner role will sit alongside the Ofsted regional directors and why the regions are different to the current Ofsted regions. It is also unclear how the proposed local headteacher boards will work and what will be put in place to prevent conflicts of interest.

“We hope that even at this late stage there will be discussions about the implementation of these plans so that heads, governors and others at the receiving end are able to help to ensure this change is successfully managed.”