Spiralling cost of free schools is unacceptable waste of much needed funding

11 December 2013

Commenting on the National Audit Committee report today that reveals that the free schools programme has cost three times more than originally allocated, ASCL Deputy General Secretary Malcolm Trobe said:

“When many schools are having to make difficult decisions about where to cut staffing and resources because budgets are being squeezed, it is unacceptable that the free school budget is not being managed properly. This is on top of the black hole in academy funding. Like any other schools, free schools must prove they deliver value for money.”

“We are not against free schools as long as they are in areas where there is a need for more school places and they represent value for money. Diverting funds to unnecessary new schools is a waste of taxpayers' money and harms the quality of education for children in other nearby schools. Children are not guinea pigs in some educational lab.”