Short inspection plans recognise that improvement takes time

21 September 2017

Commenting on today’s Ofsted announcement about short inspections, Stephen Rollett, inspections specialist at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said:

“We welcome Ofsted’s constructive approach to trying to overcome a logistical problem in the conversion of short inspections into full inspections.

“It’s our view that there is a potential benefit in introducing an interval between the two inspections. It would give schools the opportunity to recover from the initial shock of conversion and prepare themselves for the full inspection.

“But we warned that the original proposal of an interval of up to 15 days would make for an intense period of anxiety for school staff.

“We’ll be considering these new proposals in detail with our members. But our first impression is that they are much better.

“They avoid the pressure cooker of a short interval. And they allow schools the time and space to look properly at issues raised by Ofsted and make the changes which are necessary.

“We think that is better for schools and children because it recognises that sustainable improvement takes time to achieve.”