PISA results for Wales need to be taken in context of education system

03 December 2013

The 2012 PISA results released today are useful for improving our education system, says the Association of School and College Leaders. However, they need be considered in context and in particular, the PISA results for Wales will need to be considered in the specific context of the Welsh education system.

Commenting on the results, Robin Hughes, ASCL Cymru Secretary, said:

“There are major changes to the structure of school support services happening in Wales. These have only just begun, and the PISA results show that these changes are needed and must be pursued with urgency.

“Other results, such as GCSE and A level outcomes are showing that schools in Wales are lifting the floor standards. However, to get different results you need to do things differently. School leaders are leading change in Wales, and need those that have yet to raise their game to join in. The Minister must continue to demand urgency from all that have a contribution to make and he will have our support if he does.”

Commenting further, Malcolm Trobe, ASCL's Deputy General Secretary said:

“The 2012 PISA tests focused on maths. There are some interesting developments in maths and numeracy that have only just begun in Wales, which aim to improve the skills of all young people. These developments will require the dedication and application of teachers and school leaders to adopt new ways of approaching the subject. In addition, we also need to encourage more positive attitudes to the learning of mathematics especially among girls - this will result in fairer improvements."