Liberal Democrats and Labour recognise the importance of education funding

17 May 2017

Commenting on the Liberal Democrats’ General Election manifesto, Geoff Barton, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said:

“We very much welcome the commitment of the Liberal Democrats to improve education funding, as we do Labour’s pledge on this issue. It is the number one priority in ASCL’s General Election manifesto. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have recognised the importance of ensuring that schools and colleges are properly funded, and we are sure that the public will expect the Conservatives to invest in the future of our young people too.

“There is also much else to welcome in the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto, including long-term planning of initial teacher training places, which will help to address the ongoing recruitment crisis. The creation of a body to pilot, phase-in and fund future policy changes, is in line with our members’ calls for a unified, depoliticised approach to education reform. We definitely welcome the proposed involvement of educational professionals and other experts. Such a step would help to put a stop to the scattergun of poorly thought-through reforms which put huge pressures on schools and colleges, and too often waste public money.

“It is also good to see the Liberal Democrats’ support for the Foundation for Leadership in Education, which ASCL, along with other education organisations, has established as an independent body to promote high-quality, evidence-based leadership.”

For our response to the Labour manifesto see this article by ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton at TES Online.