ASCL response on short inspections of good schools

05 December 2017

Responding to the publication of Ofsted’s report on short inspections of good schools, Geoff Barton, General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said:

“We think that the interests of pupils are best served by helping good schools to remain as good schools. Ofsted’s decision to follow-up short inspections, where necessary, with a full inspection at a later date gives schools the opportunity to make any improvements which are needed to ensure that they retain that rating.

“We can see from the consultation response that this issue divided opinion and that people have concerns about how schools in this situation will be perceived. That is why we have stressed that the published letter sent by Ofsted to good schools following the short inspection must make it clear that they remain good schools ahead of the full inspection.

“We are pleased that Ofsted has confirmed that our feedback will inform the design of the letter. We will monitor how this system works in practice and will continue to advise our members and Ofsted accordingly.

“Where potentially outstanding schools are identified in short inspections, we would encourage Ofsted to provide early full inspections when requested by these schools to avoid lengthy and frustrating waits for confirmation of an outstanding grade.”