ASCL Cymru response to EPI report on pupil performance in England and Wales

21 January 2019

Commenting on analysis by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) comparing the performance of pupils in England and Wales, Tim Pratt, Director of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) Cymru, said:

“It is important to understand the context when making comparisons between the performance of pupils in England with pupils in Wales. England is a country with a population of 55m people, including large numbers who live in wealthy areas, particularly in London and the south east, while Wales is a country of 3m people with many areas of significant disadvantage. Pupils in areas of high disadvantage face similar challenges wherever they live and their performance in exams and tests is likely to be similarly affected.

“The attainment gap between rich and poor pupils is a major challenge in both countries and schools in Wales and England are doing their very best to close that gap despite levels of funding which are completely inadequate. Funding for schools in Wales is even worse than it is in England and needs to be improved as a matter of urgency if our ambitious plans for an exciting and forward-thinking new curriculum in Wales are to be turned into reality.”