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The Principals’ Professional Council (PPC) is the association exclusively for principals and senior postholders in further education (FE), and is devoted solely to protecting and representing the interests of all leaders in FE.

Can you afford not to join?

Because PPC represents you individually, rather than the college as an employer, we are able to provide you with personal support and guidance. You will have access to the very best professional advice, together with excellent support should this ever be needed in your working life.

Through the PPC’s affiliation with ASCL, we offer members a range of services including:

  • a hotline to our experienced team providing expert assistance as you need it

  • a field officer in your local area to support you with complex issues

  • guidance and policy updates on the issues affecting you

  • Leader magazine, featuring the latest education news and advice

  • legal support, should you need it

  • pension advice

  • discounts and special rates on a range of products and services

  • educational tools, such as discounts on self-evaluation surveys and online performance management systems

PPC members can also book events with ASCL Professional Development, who organise high quality conferences and short courses. Our consultancy service works one-to-one with your college on issues ranging from appointments to preparing for inspections.

Subscriptions and offers

Half price membership for the first year

  • Complete the application form** (click on the 'apply now' button below).

  • Return application form together with your direct debit instruction to the address below.

  • The direct debit guarantee should be retained for your information.

  • If you are emailing or faxing the application form, please ensure you send a signed copy of your application form and direct debit instruction to membership office as soon as possible as we require an original signature.


Apply now



Please send completed applications to:

Membership Department
130 Regent Road

Alternatively, this form may be completed electronically and emailed as an attachment to membership@ascl.org.uk  however, please ensure you send a signed copy of your application form and direct debit instruction to the membership office as soon as possible as we require an original signature.

ASCL/PPC is unable to provide legal support for issues that arose before membership commenced.


The Legal support policy information booklet explains how ASCL offers legal support to its members. Of course, many people progress through their professional careers without ever needing to access such advice but it is very important for members to know what support will be available should they require it. ASCL staff will also use this information when advising colleagues who may be considering requesting some advice.

*This subscription offer is only available to senior post holders in FE colleges who have not previously held PPC/ASCL membership. Normal annual subscription rate for 2017 is £396 (£33 monthly).

*You can use any PDF viewer to open a PDF form to print or read on screen. If entering text into the interactive application form above you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program available from the Adobe website. Please download and save the application form before entering data. Information might be lost if entered using a web browser.

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