Other senior leader roles

Not currently a member of the senior leadership team? Not a problem

You do not need to be a member of the senior leadership team or paid on the leadership spine to join ASCL.

If you are in a senior position with whole school responsibility and are working at a level equivalent to a leader, you are eligible to join.

You may also be eligible if you are working at a senior level for an academy chain, trust or other education organisation.e.

If you are working in a professional leadership role within the education sector but are not from a teaching background, it is vital you have representation and support from an association that understands the sector and the challenges you face.

Many of our members are from non-teaching backgrounds, such as finance, business management, and HR, and retain links with their traditional professional body. However, they find the specialist knowledge and understanding of the education sector invaluable, together with the support ASCL provides in relation to their own individual employment. To check if you are eligible to join ASCL, call 0116 2991122 or email membership@ascl.org.uk