Assistant Headteachers

Now that you are a member of the senior leadership team it’s important you are represented by a union and professional body dedicated to members in leadership roles.

There may be occasions when the leadership team is required to implement policies and actions that conflict with the views of teaching staff and their unions. As an ASCL member you will have access to the support and representation you need to ensure you are supported in your role.

ASCL provides practical guidance and support with every aspect of your leadership responsibility. Whether it is specialist insight into data and accountability, curriculum and assessment or managing staff management we provide you with up-to-date resources that assist your development and confidence.

In addition to our excellent trade union support and professional association benefits, ASCL offers dedicated membership benefits for assistant headteachers including:

  • advice hotline staffed by experienced advisers seven days a week, who understand the issues you encounter and the challenges you face as an assistant headteacher

  • trade union protection specifically for those in leadership roles, ensuring that you get the right advice and support when you need it

  • weekly bulletins which provide a digest of the latest development in education policy and practice information on the bigger picture of leadership, such as effective distributed leadership, smarter use of data, strategic financial planning and improving the quality of teaching

  • professional development opportunities designed to support your day-to-day knowledge needs, and underpinning your career aspirations

Make sure your professional future as a senior leader is fully supported by joining ASCL today.

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