New members joining in February 2019 will receive a special introductory offer of half price membership until 31 December 2019*.

From January 2020 subscriptions will be charged at the standard annual rate. Details of the subscription rate for 2020 will be sent to members during the autumn term of 2019.

new members joining in February 2019

Assistant Head/Senior Postholder
£10.75 per month payable until December 2019

Business Manager/Bursar/Finance Director
£10 per month payable until December 2019

Deputy Head/Vice Principal
£13.50 per month payable until December 2019

Headteacher/Principal/Head of School
£16.50 per month payable until December 2019

Executive Head/Leaders of Academy Chains/Multi-academy Trusts
£16.50 per month payable until December 2019

What you need to do

To join online, please ensure you have the following information available:

  • employment details

  • personal address and telephone details

  • bank account details for your direct debit

  • personal and work email address

  • date picker: please choose the year first and then the month

Join now



Subscriptions are calculated on a daily rate. Your first instalment may be larger depending on your join date and payment start date. All direct debits are drawn on the first banking day of each month.

To pay annually, download an application form

Please remember if you pay your subscription personally 85% is allowable against income tax.

If you have any queries regarding membership, please contact the Membership Office at or 0116 299 1122.

*This subscription offer is only available to members of the senior leadership team who have not previously held ASCL membership. Normal monthly subscription rates for 2019 are as follows: assistant head/senior postholder - £21.75 business manager/bursar/finance director - £20, deputy head/vice principal - £27, headteacher/principal/head of school - £33, executive head/leaders of academy chains/multi-academy trusts - £33. Offer finishes 28 February 2019. Please contact for further details.