Write off tuition fees of students who become teachers, says ASCL

26 February 2016

In his monthly commentary, Ofsted Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw says that a growing ‘brain drain’ of classroom talent overseas is fuelling teacher shortages in England, and suggests the idea of some form of ‘golden handcuffs’ to keep newly-qualified teachers working in the state system that trained them for a period of time.

Leora Cruddas, Director of Policy at the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “We welcome Sir Michael’s constructive approach to the teacher recruitment crisis and the fact that he is putting forward potential solutions.

“The idea of ‘golden handcuffs’ to keep teachers in this country for a period of time is an interesting one which deserves more examination.

“Our view is that more needs to be done to incentivise teaching as a career. We would suggest that government undertakes to write off, over a period of time, the undergraduate tuition fees of students who become teachers, as long as they remain in the state system in this country during that period.

“This would help with both the recruitment and retention of newly qualified teachers.”