MAC report fails to recognise full-blown teacher recruitment crisis

26 January 2017

The Migration Advisory Committee today published a report on whether teachers should be included on the UK shortage occupation list. It added three more secondary subjects to the list (computer science, Mandarin, and science), retained maths and physics, and removed chemistry, but said: “The evidence and data did not lead us to conclude that there was an occupation-wide shortage of teachers.”

Malcolm Trobe, Interim General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “We are disappointed that the Migration Advisory Committee has concluded that there is no occupation-wide shortage of teachers.

“Its conclusion flies in the face of the evidence which matters most and that is the experience of schools up and down the country which are dealing with a full-blown teacher recruitment crisis. School leaders are reporting severe difficulties in recruiting staff in many subjects and they are deeply concerned about the impact on their pupils.

“ASCL called for the shortage occupation list to be extended in order to make it easier for schools to recruit from outside the European Economic Area to help plug these shortfalls. It is a shame that schools will be denied this opportunity in many subjects.

“The government must develop a comprehensive strategy, working with the teaching profession, to address the teacher recruitment and retention crisis.”

Further information on the evidence that ASCL presented to the Migration Advisory Committee is available here.