Legal support

The Legal support policy information booklet explains how ASCL offers legal support to its members. Of course, many people progress through their professional careers without ever needing to access such advice but it is very important for members to know what support will be available should they require it. ASCL staff will also use this information when advising colleagues who may be considering requesting some advice.

Members rightly expect that the association will support them when they find themselves facing threats to their employment or conditions. It is ASCL’s responsibility to provide clear information as to how decisions will be made regarding the association’s involvement in their situation and the funding of the support. Association staff also need to be clear about the policy and procedures that they should follow for advising and representing members.

This booklet sets out ASCL’s policy together with practical and transparent procedures that will:

  • ensure that members receive the best and most appropriate legal support and advice with regard to employment matters

  • ensure consistency and impartiality of service for all members

  • ensure that the legal support budget is well managed

  • ensure the proper use of association funds

  • ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the policy and procedures

It is always best if members ring for advice sooner rather than later. Many situations benefit from a discussion early on and prompt action can often help to prevent future difficulties arising.

If further information or clarification is required, please contact ASCL’s member support director at headquarters, on 0116 299 1122.

ASCL is unable to provide legal support for issues that arose before membership commenced.