Your Guide to Apprenticeships

04 March 2014

Apprenticeship Image

The challenge of providing accurate, impartial and objective careers guidance to young people has never been greater. Young people face a bewildering range of career opportunities and have access to an equally bewildering amount of information of variable quality. At the same time, the new duty on schools and colleges to provide careers guidance has been extremely challenging.

Decisions about the relative merits of employment-based or higher education based routes are no longer as straightforward as they might have been in the past. The range of apprenticeships available to young people at different levels has expanded. At the highest levels, these provide an alternative way of achieving degree level qualifications without incurring the levels of debt. Competition is often as fierce for apprenticeships as it is for university places and young people need strong support from their schools and colleges if they are going to compete successfully for available places.

ASCL has been working closely with the Education and Employers Taskforce (EET), the National Apprenticeships Service (NAS) and employer organisations to help school and college leaders to enable their students to navigate this complex area. There is still much to do in order to ensure that there is good communication about the range of apprenticeships available and the detail of these career routes that may not be familiar to many parents and teachers. This short guide is therefore designed to provide ASCL members with essential information and sources of further advice and support.

National Apprenticeship Week (3-7 March)
In addition, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has recorded a video message that celebrates the achievements of apprentices and employers in this important area. You can watch it on YouTube. Nick Clegg also gave a speech at a school in South London to outline the importance of vocational training. Through the speech, he announced a number of new areas designed to strengthen support to young people into work and training.