Would your students know what to do if someone's heart suddenly stops beating?

06 March 2018

The Resuscitation Council (UK) is determined to teach young people essential life-saving skills through Lifesaver – a free film-in-a-game that allows viewers to step into an emergency situation and learn crucial life-saving skills.

Lifesaver provides cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instructions and feedback in a real-time scenario, and it shows the ease of using a defibrillator to boost learning and confidence in saving lives. There are four scenarios to learn from, and the ‘Harry’ scenario – designed with young people in mind – will be particularly relevant.

Cardiac arrest survival rates remain stubbornly low in the UK. By educating the next generation of potential lifesavers, we have an opportunity to create a better future with improved survival rates.

Lifesaver can be played anytime, anywhere on a mobile phone, tablet or computer and it is available free at life-saver.org.uk and lifesavervr.org.uk in virtual reality.