Teaching Vacancies

05 March 2019

Teaching Vacancies, the new job listing service from the DfE, is now available to all state-funded schools in England. This new service has been introduced to help schools reduce the estimated £75 million spent each year on costly recruitment advertising.

Teaching Vacancies offers a service that:

  • is free to use for all state-funded schools in England

  • is free to use by all jobseekers looking for teaching jobs in England

  • lets schools publish and amend job listings themselves

A marketing campaign, aimed at job-seeking teachers, is running across paid-for social media channels and this provides an opportunity for schools to get their vacancies in front of more applicants.

The DfE is encouraging all schools to sign up and support this new service. Just send an email to teaching.vacancies@education.gov.uk and an invitation will be issued.