Teacher workload: call for case studies and examples

22 January 2019

The DfE’s Teacher Workload Unit is working on the recommendations from the Making Data Work report, including in relation to adding or revising content in the Workload Reduction Toolkit about behaviour management, support for governance boards, and data management. The unit would be very grateful for your help in making this as effective as it can be.

In relation to behaviour management, the Teacher Workload Unit wants to gather further examples of simple systems that schools are using that allow behaviour incidents to be logged during the normal working day, as well as behaviour codes and their definitions. The unit would be grateful if you could send examples that you know or use, to inform the toolkit.

The Teacher Workload Unit would also like to provide examples to support governance boards, in response to the advice in the report that governors should not routinely see data on individual pupils, ‘flight paths’ or other teacher judgement tracking data. If you have examples of the types of pupil information you provide to your governing board, or examples of how boards are working to reduce workload, then please send them through.

On data management, the Teacher Workload Unit is hoping to add short case studies/advice to its existing materials about each of the principles in the report, to explain how they are being met in practice. If you have examples of how your school(s) or others are meeting any or all of these principles, please share them with the unit.

Please email your examples for any of the above to workload.solutions@education.gov.uk and thank you for your help with this.