Summary of primary and Year 7 assessment and accountability announcements

21 October 2016

Secretary of State Justine Greening made a number of important announcements on primary assessment and accountability on 19 October.

In summary: 

  • The government proposes to set the progress part of the coasting measure for 2016 at -2.5 for reading and maths, and -3.5 for writing. 

  • Because of the extent of the changes to primary assessment this year, no decisions on intervention will be made on the basis of the 2016 data alone. 

  • No new national tests or assessments will be introduced before the 2018 to 2019 academic year. 

  • The guidance for the moderation of teacher assessment this year will be improved, and will be accompanied by mandatory training for local authority moderators. 
    Update: Links to the teacher assessment moderation requirements were published 31 October 2016 as follows:
    Key Stage 1 
    Key Stage 2 

  • The KS1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test will remain non-statutory this year. 

  • The government will not introduce statutory maths and reading resits in Year 7, focusing instead on helping children to catch up. Resit papers will be made available for Year 7 teachers to use if they wish, as part of their ongoing assessments. The government also plans to introduce a targeted package of support to help struggling pupils to catch up in
    Year 7.

  • A consultation will be launched in early 2017 to help determine a longer term, sustainable approach to primary assessment and accountability. This will include the best starting point to measure progress, and the role and operation of teacher assessment.

The secretary of state also reaffirmed her predecessor’s commitment that no more than 6% of primary schools will be below the floor standard in 2016.

ASCL has worked closely with the DfE over many months on these issues, particularly making clear our members’ opposition to the Year 7 resit proposal. We are delighted that the secretary of state has listened to our concerns, made some much-needed short-term changes, and committed to a longer term review of primary assessment and accountability. We will continue to work constructively with the department to shape this long term approach.

Further information:

Download a letter from Justine Greening on primary assessment

The DfE has also published technical guidance on primary accountability and school-level progress measures.

The guide is for all primary schools and sets out how primary school accountability measures will be calculated. The 2016 school performance tables will reflect these calculations. 

The Rochford Review and a summary of the key recommendations can be viewed here