Speakers for Schools

05 June 2018

Speakers for Schools is a national charity that helps state schools and colleges access the time of leading figures from all fields and backgrounds, free of charge. Since launching in 2011, the charity has grown to now see over 1,100 school talks take place, reaching over 500,000 students across the UK. In addition to unique guest speakers, the charity works with others to signpost and give you access to other fantastic programmes and opportunities such as careers activities, new employer initiatives, and inspiring resources for the classroom like podcasts and video clips.

Complementing careers advice and any aspiration events, these free talks aim to broaden horizons and inspire young people to think big and aim high, through conversations with successful high-profile speakers.

Sign up here: The charity is looking for more secondary schools and colleges to access talks from the UK’s leading figures.

Find out more about the service and how it works.