September 2016 pay awards

15 August 2016

The DfE has now issued the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document 2016, and revised the non-statutory guidance ‘Implementing your School’s Approach to Pay’. This states that a 1% uplift should be applied to all classroom teacher pay ranges and leadership pay ranges, and to TLRs and SEN allowance.

Please note that as all STCD pay ranges only consist of a minima and maxima, it is these points that the 1% uplift has been applied to.

Schools must act in accordance with their own pay policy when determining how to apply the uplift to all other classroom teachers/leadership group members (that is, others on any additional points the school is using).

ASCL, in partnership with other teacher unions, has produced a document uprating the discretionary pay ranges by 1%, to assist those schools that use them.