Reducing Teacher Workload: a Ten-Point Plan

22 October 2014

In her speech to the 2014 autumn Conservative Party Conference, the Secretary of State Nicky Morgan said that her top priority is “to do everything I can to reduce the overall burden on teachers.” She said: “I don’t want my child to be taught by someone too tired, too stressed and too anxious to do the job well.”

ASCL’s position is that we need a more sophisticated understanding and definition of unnecessary workload. We have proposed a working definition: Additional workload is work done for perceived and/or unnecessary compliance processes which take teachers away from the complex process of teaching and learning. This is driven by an out-of-kilter accountability culture.

This position paper sets out a brief synopsis of the evidence from the Teachers’ Workload Diary Survey 2013 (published in 2014), The Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2013 and indicative proposals for how ASCL might take this policy issue forward.