Queering the Art Classroom

19 June 2018

Queering the Art Classroom is an educational organisation working to develop a more inclusive curriculum in schools. It has been working with a GCSE class in London this year, exploring gender and sexuality in their art coursework. A new exhibition entitled ‘Queering the Art Classroom’ will be held in the National Trust’s Sutton House in London to display some of the work the class has produced. The exhibition is taking place in July. 

The organisation is also hosting a workshop to examine queer theory, queer art educational research, and engage in a practical creative workshop to propose alternative models for a queer art curriculum. It is open to all, but designed with art teachers, PGCE students, university students and the LGBTQ+ community in mind. 

Tickets for the workshop (free) are available here

Tickets for the private view (free) are available here