Pearson research into 16-19 pathways

07 May 2019

Pearson is currently undertaking research to support its response to the DfE Level 3 and below review. The research is focused on 16-19 pathways at Level 3. Pearson wants to engage with schools and colleges to understand how it needs to shape the future of Applied Generals in the context of government reforms, to help ensure students can access pathways at 16-19 that support their learning and career ambitions.

The research is sector-specific, covering the sectors of business, IT, applied science, sport, health and social care, and creative subjects. Pearson is looking for department/subject heads who are responsible for choosing vocational curricula, and teachers/assessors. They will be invited to a week long (starting this week), private 24/7 online community, and asked to spend 10-15 minutes a day participating in two or three activities. Everyone that takes part and contributes in the online community will receive a cash or e-voucher incentive.

More details are available here