New guide for governing boards

06 March 2018

The National Governance Association (NGA) and Wellcome have published Being strategic: a guide for governing boards to assist governors and trustees in their role of ensuring clarity of vision and strategic direction.

It builds on the popular guide A Framework for Governance which was released three years ago. This has been updated following extensive feedback and consultation with governors, trustees and senior leaders, and draws on practical experience and real life examples.

A core suggestion of the guide is for governing boards to look beyond narrow academic performance measures when monitoring the strategy stating “in the interest of pupils [the measures] must consider the whole education offer. Not all improvement priorities are quantitative and some of the most important outcomes will not lend themselves to simple quantitative measurement”.

NGA is encouraging governing boards and their senior leaders to listen more carefully to staff, pupils, parents, the community and employers, to have the courage of their convictions and use imagination to set a path that truly provides the best education possible.