New DfE guidance on schools causing concern

30 January 2018

The DfE has published new guidance on schools causing concern – guidance for local authorities and Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs) on how to work with schools to support improvements to educational performance, and on using their intervention powers.

ASCL was consulted by the DfE on this guidance and we are pleased that the section tackling Coasting Schools reflects our feedback. It is proportionate and signals the fact that data needs to be examined much more broadly than just a single figure which can easily disguise a school’s real overall performance.

With only one instance of formal action taken by RSCs in 2016, it remains essential for schools, governors and the media to distinguish between schools which fall below an arbitrary Progress 8 figure and those where performance is of concern.

In addition, due to the recent changes and reforms to GCSE performance measures, this year’s performance tables cannot be compared to the previous year. To help you explain these changes to governors, parents, and your wider school community, we have produced a factsheet which focuses on why comparisons with past years cannot be made. Download the factsheet here, and share it with your team as appropriate.