Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants

17 January 2017

Evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has shown that when Teaching Assistants (TAs) are trained to deliver structured one-on-one or small-group interventions, they typically add 3-4 additional months of educational progress for struggling pupils, compared with more standard ways of using TAs.

In order to support the best use of teaching assistants, EEF has partnered with the TES to create an online course with practical examples of how to implement the recommendations, as well as interviews with headteachers who have changed the way they use TAs and step-by-step guidance. 

The course is hosted on the EEF website, is completely free, and consists of text, video, curated links and downloadable documents. 

Using TAs to deliver high-quality, structured interventions is one of the main recommendations from their campaign. Alongside the course, they have also created a free pack of resources.