Key Stage 1 and 2 assessment

16 March 2016

The DfE has published a clarification document on Key Stage 1 and 2 teacher assessment and moderation for this summer. It includes information on:

  • the dates for submission (30 June)

  • whether teachers need to provide specific evidence against the ‘pupil can’ statements for the standard(s) below those they are awarding (they don’t)

  • whether the threshold of the new expected standard is really equivalent to the old Level 4b, as promised (it is, but some pupils, like ‘Leigh’ in the writing exemplification materials, may be more advanced but still not meet all the requirements for ‘working at greater depth’)

  • ‘exclamation-gate’ (a sentence does, apparently, need to begin with ‘what’ or ‘how’ to be deemed an exclamation (‘What big teeth you have, Grandma!’), but ‘the definition of an exclamation should not be confused with the uses of the exclamation mark for punctuation).