Increase in Erasmus+ budget and new opportunities for 2018

20 February 2018

For 2018, €30 million will be available to UK schools to apply for Erasmus+ activities, compared to €21 million in 2017. This provides a significant opportunity for many more schools to access Erasmus+ funding for a range of international activities that can develop key skills in both teachers and pupils, enhance the curriculum, and support education policy priorities.

Also in 2018, is the introduction of School Exchange Partnerships to the Erasmus+ programme. Supported by a 40% increase in funding and a simpler application process, schools will be able to run short-term exchanges of pupils, enabling many more pupils to benefit from an international experience. Pupils of any age can visit another country for as little as three days at a time, and pupils aged over 14 years can stay for up to a year. The funding can also be used to support teacher exchanges between schools from different European countries. Read more about this new opportunity in the Erasmus+ November school blog.

The deadline to apply for Erasmus+ funding to take part in school partnerships is by 11am on 21 March (UK time) and the application forms are available online here.