IGCSE English

20 August 2015

A number of ASCL members have contacted us regarding disappointing CIE IGCSE English results. We have been in discussion with the board and established the following points which may go some way to explain current issues particularly around grading:

1. Increased cohort

2014 = 120,000 entries
2015 = 200,000 entries

2. Broadly similar ability / attainment range from A*-G

2014 A*-C = 64.1%
2015 A*-C = 63%  

3. Paper 2

Grade thresholds have changed compared to last year. The board advise this is due to an analysis of the demand of this paper; this analysis showed the paper to be of lower demand and therefore thresholds were adjusted accordingly. Controlled assessment (Speaking and Listening) thresholds have also changed for the same reason as above. Details of these thresholds are now on the CIE website.

4. Alleged malpractice issues

We have been contacted by a small number of members who have been asked to provide detailed evidence of school practices relating to administration of the Speaking and Listening element of this qualification.

CIE tell us they are acutely aware of time pressures in this area and decisions needed for today (Thursday 20 August). Where schools have provided all requested information, we have been promised they will endeavour to give the school a decision by Thursday at the very latest.

Please do not hesitate to call the hotline on 0116 299 1122 or email exams@ascl.org.uk for further information.