Health and Safety Executive launches tool to tackle stress in schools

25 September 2018

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) Go Home Healthy campaign has launched a new tool aimed at helping schools to prevent work-related stress. The HSE launched the Go Home Healthy campaign last year as part of its health and work programme. The campaign is aimed at encouraging employers to take health risks as seriously as safety ones, and one of its three priorities is the prevention of work-related stress.

The Talking Toolkit is a downloadable free resource, which gives school leaders templates for simple, practical conversations about work issues which can be causes of stress, if they are not managed properly. The toolkit has six templates for six different conversations to be held between school leaders, line managers and staff. Each conversation is shaped around an area which, if not properly managed, is associated with poor health, lower productivity and increased sickness absence. The toolkit also includes ideas and resources for the prevention of work-related stress in schools.