FE and Skills Inspection Handbook

18 May 2018

Ofsted has now updated its inspection handbook.

Key changes include the provision that providers judged ‘Good’ for overall effectiveness at their most recent inspection will now usually be inspected within five years. This will normally be a short inspection but may be a full inspection where information suggests that this is appropriate, for example if the provider's performance has declined. However, a provider judged ‘Requires Improvement’ at its most recent inspection, will normally have a full re-inspection within 12 to 24 months of its previous inspection and will be subject to monitoring visits before a full re-inspection. Those judged ‘Inadequate’ will have a full inspection within 15 months of the publication of their last full inspection report. A newly merged college, however, will normally be subject to a full inspection as a new provider within three years of merger.

Therefore, colleges engaged in several mergers over a period of years may not be inspected for some years unless their performance declines.