Educational Honours: Your Nominations Are Needed!

07 June 2016

The Education Honours Committee for the UK is keen to increase the number of nominations for deserving people in education and needs your help in making nominations. The committee wants to ensure that people working and volunteering in education, specifically those who go the extra mile, are recognised for their persistent and outstanding efforts.

The committee makes recommendations to the Prime Minister and then to the Queen, who awards the honours. Please help them to recognise the many outstanding and unsung heroes in our education system. Anyone can make a nomination, and the process is straightforward, with a simple form to complete setting out what your nominee has achieved and what marks them out as having made a real difference.

The committee is keen to receive more nominations on behalf of headteachers, principals, senior and middle leaders and, classroom teachers as well as support staff at all levels from schools, colleges and the wider education system. They would particularly welcome nominations on behalf of colleagues from ethnic minorities, as they are currently under-represented in the honours system.