Edexcel A level maths exam - June 2018

26 June 2018

We are aware of the allegations of malpractice or wrongdoing in relation to Edexcel’s A level C4 maths paper taken on Friday 22 June 2018. ASCL is in discussions with Ofqual seeking urgent clarification of the situation and information about what processes will be used to ensure that no student is advantaged or disadvantaged because of the alleged leaking of this paper. We will keep you updated with any further information we receive on this matter through our usual communications.

Ofqual has asked us to urge anyone with information relevant to these allegations to contact Pearson or Ofqual in confidence:

Contact Pearson at pqsmalpractice@pearson.com

Contact Ofqual at public.enquiries@ofqual.gov.uk

Requesting reviews of marking and making appeals

See our updated guidance paper on A Levels, AS Levels and GCSEs 2018: Requesting reviews of marking and making appeals. The paper is relevant to all school and college leaders, and staff, with responsibility for considering and requesting reviews of marking, and any subsequent appeals for A level, AS level and GCSE results.