DfE Data checking exercise

14 June 2016

The DfE has written to schools to notify them that the June data checking exercise is now open. Schools should take the opportunity to check the list of eligible pupils and their characteristics. Ensuring these are correct can make significant differences to performance tables and RAISE; this data effectively become the denominator for calculations.

Helpfully the checking data now includes Key Stage 2 prior attainment data, following persistent requests from ASCL. This will enable you to undertake value-added calculations in August using the official values for input. Details can be found online and the window closes on Monday 27 June.

You may also be interested in ASCL Professional Development's events in the autumn and winter to help you to understand data and accountability measures. Find out more and book your place on Getting to grips with Accountability Measures: Leadership of Data Autumn Conferences 2016 and Understanding the national picture and its implications for you: Leadership of Data Spring Conferences 2017.


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