Contextual Safeguarding Network

07 December 2018

The Contextual Safeguarding Network brings together practitioners, researchers, and policy makers who are committed to protecting young people from harm outside of the home.  It is free and open to practitioners across the UK, and provides a framework and access to resources including a school assessment toolkit, tutorials, and videos.  To join the network, click here

The Contextual Safeguarding framework has been successfully piloted in the London Borough of Hackney since 2017, with further pilots to be announced in April 2019. 

About Contextual Safeguarding
The concept of a contextual safeguarding network is a result of a three-year review by Dr Carlene Firmin MBE at the University of Bedfordshire which began in 2012. The review looked at how society responds to peer-on-peer abuse and found that the UK’s current child protection system, and the legislative policy framework which underpins it, were designed to protect children and young people from risks posed by their families or for situations when families were unable to protect their children.  The system was not designed to identify abuse within peer groups, or child sexual or criminal exploitation. 

The approach is referenced in the following guidance Working Together, Keeping Children Safe in Education and Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges.

ASCL’s Parliamentary and Inclusion Specialist Anna Cole sits on the Advisory Panel for the Scale Up Project. Find out more about Contextual Safeguarding here.